Is Simplicity Entertainment insured?
ü  Yes, we carry full liability insurance of $1,000,000 for EVERY event.   Certificates can be forwarded to you and your venue as necessary.
Who will show up to my event?
ü  Simplicity Entertainment is owned and operated by Allen Deneau and is present for 95% of our events.  Rest assured that the person you meet with is the person will be at your event. This guarantees that you will be receiving the highest quality possible. 
Can we come and see Simplicity Entertainment before we make a choice?

ü  For our public event services; sure, but of respect for our client that hired us, we do not feel it is our place to invite additional guests to come to someone else’s private event.  This is for many reasons, but first and foremost, we want to be sure that we are always giving our clients 110%.  We want to always have our complete focus on the client that hired us. 

ü Please contact Simplicity Entertainment to sit down for your free consultation appointment so that we can review in detail for you how we will make your event completely unique to you!

How long has Simplicity Entertainment been in business?
ü  2012 marks our 15th year of  creating "The Ultimate in Event Entertainment Services!”. 
How does the planning for our event get done?
ü  Simplicity Entertainment offers every client as many consultative appointments as you need combined with the ultimate in online planning.  During the meetings, we will take the time necessary to get to know you and your vision for your event.
Do we have to sign a contract?
ü  In short, yes. Even family and friends are required to sign an entertainment agreement for the protection of all parties involved. Our agreements are easy to read and spell out what is required of both parties in order for your event to be a smashing success. 
What are the payment terms?
ü  As per our entertainment agreement a non-refundable retainer is due upon signing of the contract. Payments can be made at anytime with the balance being paid no later than 14 days before your event.
What form of payment does Simplicity Entertainment accept?
ü  We accept most any form of payment, even cash. All payments are to be complete within 14 days of your event; this allows us to still accept personal checks along with Master Card, Visa, Discover, Money Order, Cashier’s Check and the always famous cash, whatever is BEST for you.
What type of equipment does Simplicity Entertainment use?

ü  We use only the highest quality, professional equipment in order for your event to proceed flawlessly. The equipment we buy is designed specifically for professionals. We do not buy because it’s the newest fad or trend, we do however buy the right tools to do our job, perfectly. Brand names include: Soundcraft, Yamaha, DBX, Sennheiser, Numark, Shure, Denon, Dell, FBT, Martin, Peavey, QSC and more.

ü  Please note we DO NOT use “commercial” grade or “home” grade equipment, EVER! Beware of “commercial” grade because it is designed to be used for continuous music playback at low levels for long periods of time. (ex. Restaurants, Hotel Lobbies, etc…)

Do you have back-up equipment?
ü  Unlike many companies, we design our systems to seamlessly integrate backup right into them. Again by purchasing the right tools to do the job we have built in backup with us. 
Do your DJs use CDs, mp3’s, vinyl or something different?
ü  2008 began a new era for Simplicity Entertainment; we are now completely 100% digital. Not to worry our mp3’s are legal and direct copies of our CD library encoded to the absolute highest quality. We do not “borrow” music from P2P sites so you don’t have to worry about quality. Again 100% of our system design is specifically made for DJing. We DO NOT use iTunes or Media Player etc… to DJ your event, we use software made exclusively for DJs. Our music library, to playback machines to Hard Drives are 100% ONLY for DJing.
Do you have references we check?
ü  We certainly do and would gladly provide you with a list upon request. We do encourage everyone to check references before making their decision.
Do your DJs take breaks?
ü  Only after we are setup and before your guests arrive (WINK). We do not take breaks during your dance until the guests have left and we’re relaxing at home.
For your DJ events, can we choose the music?
ü  Most certainly, it’s your event. Our clients are welcome to be as involved or Uninvolved with the music selection as they feel comfortable. Actually the vast majority of our clients love playing with the online music system in their planning area to let us know what songs and artists they would like to hear. By using our online guest request system, we can eliminate the guesswork and only play the hottest songs for your school dance
Are we required to feed or tip you?

ü  These are always hard questions to answer as each person feels differently about the topic. So here we go. We do not require you to feed us or tip us EVER! If you would like to include us in the meal count please let us know as many times we don’t have much time to sit and eat. We do thank you for your thoughtfulness though.

ü  Tipping, well that’s entirely up to you. If you feel your entertainer was a cut above and you would like to offer them a gift, they will graciously accept it but will NOT ever expect it. How much? Well that's your call.

How early should we book?
ü  Unfortunately there is no steadfast answer because each year is different. However, the earlier you secure your professionals the better chance you will have to get exactly who and what you want and will have time to budget accordingly. For our DJ service, typically 12 months in advance should be ok.
How far do you travel?
ü  Almost anywhere is the easiest answer. We’ll travel to where ever you want but there may be additional charges. We’ll discuss those with you during your consultation. Our main area of service is the Upper Cumberland Plateau area, all of middle Tennessee! Nashville, to Knoxville, Jamestown to Chattanooga....
Do you drink at an event?
ü  Water please. Occasionally we’ll have a soft drink but NEVER alcoholic beverages at a private event. We need to be in control and on our toes to provide you with the very best entertainment in Tennessee
What if we have to cancel or postpone?
ü  These options will be discussed with you before you sign the entertainment agreement.
How much are your services?
ü  That really depends on a variety of variables such as what type of service, how long, where etc... Our entertainment services has packages designed to fit every event style, size and budget. If you don't see a "package" you like, let us know and we'll custom create one just for you! Pricing can be as low as $1 per student.
What is included for the price?
ü  Simplicity Entertainment’s goal is to not throw you any “hidden punches”.  Every event includes the items necessary for your event. This will be discussed prior to your event.
Are there any other options we can add on?
ü  While we aim to be “all inclusive” we do have a few options that we can regularly add on such as wireless sound to other rooms, upgraded lighting, etc... We are only limited by your imagination and budget of course. If there is something you would like and we don’t specifically list it, let us know we’ll be happy to add it into your event. We can and will discuss all options during your FREE entertainment consultation, call today!
Why would I choose Simplicity Entertainment instead of another DJs or event services?
ü  Once you have met with us and/or talked to our past client references you’ll know exactly why. Schedule an appointment today to find out more! Call us at 931-284-4699